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Upstep Orthotics : FirstLook

Custom fit without the doctor visit

We here at RainyDay here are no strangers to orthotics, judging by the collection in the office.

When a reader asked us whether we were familiar with Upstep’s custom orthotic insoles, our first thought was “What?” and our second thought was “Cool!”. The RainyDaySports team (riiiiight) was interested right off the bat (ahem). We figured if the office was interested, our readers would be as well.

None of these came in that box.

The company

Upstep supplies custom orthotics that help reduce fatigue and discomfort. Whether you’re standing all day, playing sports, or just participating in normal daily activities, Upstep offers orthotics for each of those scenarios.
Upstep orthotics offer:
  • arch support;
  • a durable Polypropylene shell;
  • high-quality top covers and cushioning mid-layers;
  • multiple options to fit any shoe type;
  • specific features to alleviate common foot pain(s); and
  • a choice of top cover colors.

Yep, pretty much the shape of my feet.

The custom orthotics are created from forms created from imprints of the feet of the specific wearer. Previously only available through a doctor’s office or a specialty store, Upstep has brought this service to anyone who needs it, right in their home.

Upstep makes it possible for anyone to get custom orthotics, and at a price point significantly lower than the standard take-your-sore-feet-to-a-specialist-to-get-fitted options.

The ordering

The Upstep online ordering process was quick and we got the, um, virgin, molds in a few days.

Yoga pants are not required; just feet

Upstep really worked out the most orderly way of ordering: you go through four screens, each with questions specific to a single topic:

  1. type of activity;
  2. amount of time spent on your feet;
  3. type of foot pain; and
  4. type of shoe.

And it works! Limiting the information you need to come up with makes the information important. Where DO my feet hurt? What KIND of shoe do I wear the most?

If you spend most of your time ignoring your feet, the six minutes you need to consider and answer Upstep’s questions make you reconnect with that part of your body.

It also feels like this company knows what it’s like to have foot problems, and really cares about helping you eliminate yours.

The arrival

A handsome shoebox-like box arrived, containing molds for both feet, clear simple directions, and a pre-paid return envelope.

No doctor’s appointment required; do it on your own time in your own home. Upstep has clearly thought things through and has made the whole experience as hassle-free as it can be.

You don’t even have to write out the address

The impressing

Who knew taking impressions of feet could be so…pretty.

Creating the impressions was an easy-peasy three-step press/lean/lift process:

Like walking reeeeaaaallllyyyy slowly, for one step.

They should do this for the handprints on that sidewalk in Hollywood…

Making the impressions for both feet really was that simple. The only thing to note is that the molds are on the opposite side (mold for right foot is on the left; mold for left foot is on the right) in order to replicate the shape of the foot when it’s walking/standing—no straddling the molds and thereby creating an inaccurate form.

I did not know until this very moment that I have feet shaped EXACTLY like Daffy Duck’s…

The foam smushed easily and the foot pretty much sank (descended?) into the foam.

The directions suggested using a chair for balance, and we did. This helped us remain stable so we could take a “step” without shifting or sliding around in the foam and ruining the impression.

Still processing this imprint. Not sure what to think of the reality of my…bipedalism.

The posting

The only thing left to do was to close the box, put it in the pre-paid envelope, and drop it off at the Post Office.

Elapsed time from open to close: less than 10 minutes. It could have been faster but we didn’t want to mess things up—the adage “you’ve only got one chance to make a good impression” has particular relevance here—so we took our time.

Fly little footsies, fly!

Our impressions (geddit?) so far have been extremely positive and we have high hopes for this service.

We’ll have the FirstUse review once the Upstep custom orthotics are made and sent back to us. Look for it before the end of Fall.

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