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iPad Stands: Desktop

iPad stands come in two flavors: portable and desktop. Yesterday, we started the two-part series with a look at a few of the portable ones. Today, we will finish up with a look at the ones designed for more stationary use. Once we looked into what was available we realized the different desktop stands pretty quickly sorted themselves into four varieties: slot, easelbrace, and holder.

The slot unit we have here is actually for the MacBook, but it works just fine for the iPad. It is called the BookArc and is from TwelveSouth. The design allows the iPad to be dropped into and pulled out of stand with the minimum of fuss. The drawback is that it allows only one view angle. The easel design, however, is even simpler to use in that all one has to do is lean the iPad on the holder. Some easels, like this Recliner from LapWorks, can even adjust its display angle. The advantage of the easel approach is that it will work when the iPad is in a case. Very convenient for those who like to carry their iPads in a folio. The tradeoff is that they tend to be bulkier than the other units. The brace is similar to the easel in concept, but is a two piece design consisting of a case and bracket. The combo we have here is the QuickStand from ModulR. They have a unique line of iPad accessories which allows the user to mix and match different components (mount, carry, display, etc…) for different applications. The QuickStand is rock solid and relatively inexpensive, so you can have one at work and at home.

The last kind of desktop stand is the holder. The holder design elevates the iPad like an LCD monitor. So if you like the iPad to sit above the desk clutter, this is the way to go. The unit above is the iHolder from Green Figure. We like it because the iHolder makes the iPad look like a mini iMac 🙂 You may like it for its other features:

  • Rotating stand
  • Three view angles
  • Aircraft grade andoized aluminum base
  • Cutouts on the sides for ports

When we first saw the iHolder, we thought the entire unit was constructed of aluminum. In actuality, the frame holding the iPad is made of plastic. We had some reservations about the holder because we thought it would break after a few iPad mount/removal cycles. However, the plastic is actually bendable polycarbonate and is very tough. So no worries…it will stand up to a lot of use.

No doubt readers have noticed that theiHolder has taken a few design inspirations from the Apple iMac. Unlike the iMac, the orientation of the display can be either horizontal or vertical. The horizontal orientation is great for watching movies while the vertical orientation is useful for reading and replying to emails.

If you drive at a desk for most of the day and want your iPad to sit along side you and your other displays, then put it on a desktop holders. One of the ones reviewed here should fit your needs.

BTW…we are off until December 1st. So have a great Thanksgiving and we’ll see you all at the start of the “crazy season.”

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