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Aqua Pure Water Filter Replacement

AP Easy C-Complete

The RainyDayRenovation folks installed an AquaPure water filtration system awhile back. It worked great, needed no maintenance, and gave us fantastic-tasting water with a flip of a lever. It worked so well that we forgot we needed to do periodic maintenance on it until the flow started to slow down. We finally realized it was because the filter was waaay overdue for a replacement. Of course, if we had kept an on on the replacement indicator, we would have realized that it had expired… four years ago! Good thing Boston water is pretty damn good as it is 🙂


When we were initially looking into filtration systems, we opted to go with AquaPure AP Easy unit, because it was simple to install and offered a cartridge which would take care of pretty much anything that Boston Water & Sewer might have missed.

Now that we a replacement cartridge for the AP Easy system, we charged the RainyDayInterns with the task. The interns looked at a bunch of places and went with Those guys have great prices, lots of inventory, and super fast shipping. We got exactly what we needed for our system.


Folks here have done their share of replacing this and upgrading that, but not having actually replaced one of these cartridges, a few were a little skeptical of the “Easy Cartridge Change-Out” claim on the package. They were especially weary of the possibility of water spurting out everywhere once we twist off the old cartridge.


However, we threw caution to the wind and decided to trust AquaPure’s instructions:

  1. No need to turn off the water (although you should DEFINITELY know where the shut-off valve is under the sink);
  2. Twist the old cartridge to the left to loosen;
  3. Remove old, insert new;
  4. Twist the new cartridge to the right to secure;
  5. Stick on and activate new replacement reminder.



To make sure the filter is properly primed (wetted, any loose bits flushed out, etc), the directions recommended a 7-gallon flush. That’s about 10 minutes of letting the water flow. It was a good advice as we did notice the stream being a little cloudy for a few minutes. It cleared up and stayed clear thereafter. As there currently is a drought in Massachusetts, we captured that water and used it for the potted plants 🙂 Hey, waste not, want not.


With the new filter installed, the flow has increased significantly. Next time, we will not wait so long to replace the cartridge!!!

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