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BackToSchool 2016 – Home and Garden Gear CloserLook

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With the kids back to school, now is the perfect time to do some of those DIY projects you put off all Summer. We have rounded up a few that are simple to do but make a big difference when completed.


  1. AcuRite Home Environment Monitors – know Your Living Space, live better
  2. AquaPure Water Filter – reduces sediment, cyst, and chlorine taste and odor
  3. USA Filtration Drinking Water System Kit – under sink, 25 minute install
  4. Switchmate Wireless Light Switch – magnetic installation, smartphone control

AcuRite Home Monitors

RainyDayGarden set up an AcuRite Weather Station last year. It was easy to install, provided an awesome amount of useful information, and required ZERO maintenance. All in all, a very cool project and NOT just for weather geeks! So when AcuRite announced their new line of sensors and monitors for the home, we couldn’t wait to take a look.




  • Add-on Water Detector – detects the presence or absence of liquids, leaks, and flooding. Can be linked together in a daisy chain, which expands the coverage, but only requires one monitor.
  • Add-on Liquid & Soil Temperature Sensor – useful for monitoring temperature in pools, hot tubs, fountains, plants, gardens, aquariums, pipes, refrigerators, and hard-to-reach places.



AquaPure Water Filter

Back when we were looking into filtration systems, we opted to go with AquaPure AP Easy unit because it was simple to install and offered a cartridge which could take care of pretty much everything that Boston Water & Sewer might have missed.


The interns looked at a bunch of places and went with These guys have great prices, lots of inventory, and super fast shipping. We got exactly what we needed for our system.

USA Filtration Drinking Water System Kit

The USA Filtration Systems Drinking Water Filtration system will replace faucet-mounted water filters, counter-top systems, as well as pitcher filtration systems.


This system can be installed under the sink to the existing plumbing, or can be hooked up to your refrigerator. All parts are included and the system can be easily installed in about 25 minutes. No need to call the plumber.


Switchmate Wireless Light Switch

If a DIY task consists of a one-second installation (no tools, no wiring, etc), does it still count as DIY? The Switchmate attaches to the screws of a standard toggle or rocker light switch with magnets. Just place it over the current switch place and launch the app. The connection is over Bluetooth, so no WiFi needed!


We will have write-ups of all of these DIY projects later in the year. Look for them in the Fall and early Winter.

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