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Devebor Balance Trainer : FirstLook

Balance, stability, and core training!!!

Balance, stability, and core strength are the foundation for activities such as martial arts, yoga, and…walking.

While doing martial arts, yoga, and…walking certainly develop one’s balance, stability, and core strength, we became interested in doing it the other way around: accelerating the development of the foundational components independent from but as an adjunct to our training regimen.

The balance trainer concept intrigued us. The idea is to integrate an unstable platform into training to encourage the core muscles to “work” harder to maintain proper form, which ought to lead to better balance and stability.

The three primary types of balance trainers are: roller boards, wobble boards, and half-balls.

We will be taking a closer look at the half-ball trainers in our series.

Devebor Balance Trainer

The interns did some research on makers of “half-ball balance trainers” and the Devebor Balance Trainer (2nd-Gen version) topped the list of quality of materials used, design, and price.

The Devebor Balance Trainers came in two different color schemes: All Black, Gray/Lime. As far as we can tell, the materials used are the same.


We really like the wave textured and the surface is comfortable to touch. While the center of the mound is smooth, the material is very grippy to both bare hands/feet and sneakers. There are six rubber-coated feet supporting the flat side. These make the trainer stable when placed on either bare floor or carpet, although it may make standing on the flat side more of a challenge.

The Devebor Balance Trainer came with a pump, hose, nozzles, and two plugs. The pump is sufficient to get the job done, but does not look like it would stand up to extensive use. There is a BLUE end and a RED end to the pump. In the one we have, the air came out of the BLUE end.

We had no problems inflating the trainer to the desire firmness. To inflate, we selected the proper nozzle (thinnest one in our case), fitted the hose to the BLUE end of the pump, inserted the nozzle into the opening at the bottom of the Balance Trainer, and pumped by stepping on the yellow part. When the desire tension was achieved, we sealed it with the plug. 

Many exercises can be paired with a balance trainer, and the Devebor unit also came with its own set of bands for resistance exercises.

Unlike some of the others units we have seen, the Devebor’s linkages are metal to metal and should stand up to use. The handles of the resistance bands are padded, non-slip, and very comfortable to grip.

Our FirstLook impression of the Devebor Balance Trainer (2nd-Gen version) is that the materials appear to be of heavy-duty quality, and the overall construction is extremely solid. We expect it to be able to handle the physical demands of any user of such a unit.

We will have more to say in our FirstUse writeup once we have had some time with this new addition to our RainyDaySports collection!

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  1. MICHAEL BARSAMIAN // July 9, 2019 at 8:39 am // Reply

    The board(Devebor) arrived intact only to find no directions or caution warnings regarding the use and operations. There isn’t a supplied chart for the excesses. Lack of contact information on return process…looks like another quick packaging technique. I’m a bit disappointed in the company. It would be most appreciated if someone reading this would send the necessary paperwork. Thank You

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