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When we posted the review of the Craftsman project cart, we mentioned that liningthe drawers was a good idea. Padding keep the tools from shifting and protect the drawer bottoms from getting scratched. Little did we know that we would receive a slew of suggestions for alternatives to using commercial paddings. Some folks line drawers with bubble wrap, others use carpet reminants, some even made custom-fitted liners with expanding foam! While we are as DIY-minded as anyone else, protecting our tools is one area where we don’t mind looking for a professional solution.

A few readers suggested we check out Zerust. They offer drawer liners with a chemically-based rust inhibitor integrated into the material. In checking out the Zerust site, we noticed they offer the Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology in a capsule form. We thought both were pretty cool ideas so we got a few rolls and a bunch of capsules to see for ourselves.

How does VCI work in stopping rust? According to what we can gather, the technology protects metals against rust and oxidation by releasing an invisible, non-toxic, non-reactive, and odorless corrosion-inhibiting vapor which coats the metal. The coating does not change in the metal’s properties (strength, conductivity, etc…) and the protection can last for up to five years. The specific formulations of the VCIs are proprietary so we have no idea of the actual chemicals used, but Zerust’s VCI products have been deemed safe by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for use even with kitchen equipment and food ware.

While we would be interested in knowing the chemicals and the reactions involved in VCI, the real question is: how well does it work? We plan to answer ourselves after a few experiments. We’ll have more to say about it in the FirstUse report. Look for it next month.

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