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NYIAS 2015

NYIASBigWe make the trip to NYC every year for the New York International Auto Show, mostly to see what the various car makers are up to and to get a feel for the auto trends. With over 60 new vehicles being announced over the two press days, it is kind of a crazy whirlwind for those who HAVE to report on them. Fortunately, they are well directed from event to event by a group of ushers with VERY BIG signs.



We, on the other hand, tend to wander about, sit in the cars, and chat with all of the presenters who are still trying to learn their lines. They seem to like it when we ask them questions about the cars for it gives them a chance to practice the lines they will have to repeat over and over for the next ten days.





We also go because this is the show, much more than the others, where they take really good care of the “Press.” There is always a lot of food, fresh espresso stations, and other goodies…if you know where to look.


This year’s best find was definitely the “bourbon cart.”  We were clued in to it by the nice lady who demo’ed the Rolls Royce for us! The cart was staffed by a very enthusiastic gentleman who obviously love talking about bourbon. As we had recently attended a tasting where we learned all about the “Angel’s share” and the “Devil’s cut,” we were able to banter back and forth as if we knew what we were talking about 😉



The New York International Auto Show will be at the Jacob Javits Convention Center starting on Friday April 3rd and will run until Sunday April 12th. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in NYC. If you are going to attend, wear comfortable walking shoes. Trust us on this.

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