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Spring Cleaning: Easy Rust Prevention

Today  it is the first day of Spring. It is also the start of our Spring cleaning around the office. One of the projects we really want to complete is the reorganization of our workshop. We have quite a few tools and we have been conscientiously organizing them so that they would be easier to access. However, there is still quite a bit left to do. Last year, the interns spent a lot of time and effort scouring Craigslist for a workbenchtool chests, and other workshop-related storage so we could have a place for everything. They have been very successful. Now it is time to put everything in its place.

However, since the workshop is in the basement, we want to make sure there won’t be rust problems from the humidity, especially during the Summer months (when we need a dehumidifier down there). We could spray the metal tools with a light oil to keep the moisture out, but the approach is not appropriate for every tool. In January, we told readers about the Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) infused drawer liners and capsules from Zerust. The liners were exactly what we needed for setting up shop down in the basement. Like any drawer liners, they were easy to cut and install. Unlike regular liners, Zerust liners both protect the drawer AND the content. Also, the corrosion protection should last for up to 5 years.

Some readers may be thinking “Hey, I already have a cabinet full of stuff. Should I take everything out to put in a Zerust VCI liner?” Well, Zerust has a solution for that. The VCI also comes in a capsule. Just mount one of these Zerust block in a drawer, close it, and the capsule will do the rest. Just a tip…the double-sided tap is SUPER sticky. Do NOT touch it to a spot if you don’t intend on putting it there. Trust us on this.

VCI is a proven technology for protecting metal against corrosion. We are hopeful that the Zerust liners and capsules will keep our tools rust-free and functional for a long time to come. We will report back on how thing fared at the end of the Summer.

NOTE: Zerust NoRust Vapor Capsule will “yellow” paper over an extended period of time. Do not use in proximity of antique books, valuable documents, etc.

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