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RainyDayGiftGuide 2013 : Photo Accessories

Earlier this week we posted our 2013 RainyDayGiftGuide recommendations for Photo Bags. Today we share some suggestions for photo accessories. As many readers know, we have been a little bit enamored with the Fujifilm X100S point-n-shoot camera this year. So it should be no surprise that many of our accessory selections lean toward gear for the X100S…

The X100S is well-designed for hand-held shooting, but sometimes you need to set the camera on a support to get the shot. When we started looking for a suitable tripod to pair with the Fujifilm X100S, we had two criteria: stability and flexibility. After some effort, we narrowed the offerings down to the following three selections:

We like the Life-Phorm from Lethal Protection because it will work with smartphone, point-n-shoot, or DSLR camera. This six-legged alien-looking support is as unconventional as they come. The configuration of the Life-Phorm can be adjusted to grasp, cling to, and be stable on a wide variety of terrains and hands-free situations.

While the  Trek-Tech T’Pod is more traditional, its innovative magnetic connector makes it a standout. The connector enables a camera to be attached and detached quickly and easily. With a ball head and metal legs, the T’Pod is extremely adjustable yet super stable. Also, we like it because the package is compact and will easily fit in a small gear bag.

For those requiring the utmost in support options, the Cullmann  6-piece Flexx Touring Set (compact tripod, ballhead, suction pod, spike, multi-clamp, bag) should be up to the task. The set has enough options to make it suitable for both outdoor and studio use. The kit is the most flexible of the three, perfect for point-n-shoot camera yet sturdy enough a DSLR.

Having a stable support is important, but after using the X100S for eight months, we found the following accessories to also be helpful. The X100S works fine without them, but using the camera will be even more pleasurable with them.

While the X100s is our grab-and-go camera of choice, sometimes even we get caught in situations where all we have is our iPhone. However, just because we only have the iPhone does not mean we won’t get the shot. These three accessories will give surprisingly good results.

We realize that some readers have photographers on their gift list who are hoping Santa brings them heavier-duty support gear. We got you covered. In our next installment, we will have great recommendations specifically for DSLRs and video. Look for it on Friday.

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