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RainyDayGiftGuide 2013 : Kitchen Gear

Yesterday  we posted a collection of gadget gift suggestions for the kitchen. Today we continue the kitchen-based list with some gear. Some of the items made the list because we have found them to be excellent tools for those who love to cook. Others got the nod because they are innovative, have great design, and promise to make cooking more enjoyable. Either way, we are excited about the choices and are sure that you will find them so as well.

Induction cooking technology is amazing. Induction cooking uses magnetic fields to cause the cooking vessel to heat up, as opposed to using heat transfer from electrical coils or burning gas as with a traditional cooking stove. It is more efficient, much safer than electric coils and gas, and is the future. And it is now available as a double burner cooktop with push-button controls from Waring Pro. Amazon has it at $250 (48% off list)

  • Stoneware Pickling Crocks – Great for making sauerkraut or pickles. Food-safe high-fired durable glazing. Doubles as a beautiful container when not using it for pickling stuff. Get the complete kit (lid, weights, crock) at 13, or 5 gallon sizes from Gardener’s Supply Company.

Coffee is one of those things we are extremely passionate about. We love the taste, the effect it has on us, and the fact that somebody is always creating better gear for making the perfect cup. Every holiday, the crew goes in search of a new machine with more features, brew options, or an automated this or that.

For 2013, we found something that may have us re-think how we will enjoy our favorite bean. The machine is the ROK manual espresso maker. We love everything about the ROK unit. It looks awesome, built like a tank, and is guaranteed for 10 years. Oh yeah, the whole thing comes packaged in an amazing oval tin. This machine may be our coolest find for 2013. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but there is already talk of getting rid of our fancy automatic machines now that this unit is in the office. Just sayin’.  Amazon has it for $200. Pair it with the Cuisinart Tazzaccino milk frother for foamy delicious drinks in less than a minute.


There is ten more days of shopping left before Christmas. We will have a new RainyDay Gift Guide everyday next week. Happy Holidays!!!

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