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The Dark Knight Trilogy

The last installment of director Christopher Nolan’s Batman series will hit the screens tomorrow at midnight. We, like millions of Batman fans, have been waiting patiently for months.

To get ready for the premiere, many would either take the day off or leave work early so they would have time to watch the first two movies (Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) on DVD before going to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. This was exactly what we had planned to do…until we heard about the “Trilogy.”

No matter how big an LCD screen one has at home, it is probably not going to be the same as the “theater experience.” Because of that, not everyone is satisfied with just seeing the new movie at midnight. Hardcore fans would love to see all three films, in a theater, one right after the other. Some savvy theater chains saw this as a business opportunity and the Dark Knight Trilogy movie-thon is born.

Just exactly what is this Dark Knight Trilogy? It is a NINE-hour movie marathone (starts at 6PM and ends at 3AM), tickets are $25 each (got ours on Tuesday, a bargain really), and show-goers will get a limited edition Trilogy movie poster (look for ours on EBay).

The big question we have been kicking around the office is just how does one get ready for such an event. Should we take a nap in the afternoon so we are well-rested for the Batman-athon? What kind of snacks should we pack? Diet coke or water? Would/should we bring a pillow? How early should we get in line to get a good seat? We don’t have good answers for any of those questions. All we know is it is going to be EPIC!!!

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