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Visionary Lenses: Red and Purple

The  X-Men movies made the Oakley Juliet with the ruby red lenses into an icon. Deep ruby-red lenses are very difficult to find. Most of the aftermarket lenses are yellow with hints of red at certain angles. Visionary Lenses have come the closest in achieving the the deep red many have sought for the Oakley sunglasses. We looked at a set from them last September.

Last week, we received some new lenses from the folks at VL. Included was a set of lenses with a MUCH deeper red color. There is still a little hint of gold at the edges, but these are the darkest and richest ruby-red lenses we have seen from any vendor. Along with the ruby-red lenses were a set of purple ones. We have never seen this color before for the Juliet. If you want your pair of Oakleys to stand out from the crowd, purple is the color to get. We think Neo from the Matrix would definitely appreciate them. The color would add something to the all black ensemble.

If you want to see how these red and purple lenses look in the Juliet frame, look for the DIY installation article in the Spring iPad issue of RainyDayMagazine. We should have it in the Apple App Store by the end of April.

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