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Dynaplug Tire Repair Kit: InTheWild

"Plug-n-Go" tire repair...Really!

Back in May, when we swapped out the Winter tires for Summer ones, we noticed that the driver-side rear tire was pretty low. We looked but didn’t find an obvious nail or cut, so we pumped it up and pretty much forgot about it.

For the past month—maybe because of the hot weather—we had to add about 10 pounds of pressure into that tire every week or so. Clearly there was a tiny leak somewhere, but not bad enough that we had to deal with it immediately, but still…it bugged us enough that we finally decided to deal with it.

Find the leak

The easiest and fastest way to find a non-obvious leak in a tire is the soapy-solution method. Any dishwashing liquid will work. Just put some in a jar, add a bit of water, brush it on the tire, and look for a site with active bubbling.  Seriously.

If the leak is really small, and this one was, careful examination will be required to locate it. It took us more than one rotation to see the tiny mass of bubbles clustering in the corner of a crevice…definitely not something we would have found just from visual inspection!!!

Looking at the site in more detail, it seemed that it had been previously plugged, but developed a leak (a tiny one). As there was nothing to remove (like a nail), we were pretty confident that inserting a new plug would take care of the problem.

DynaPlug Pro Tool

We have had good success with fixing low-to-flat tires using the DynaPlug system over the years. It is easy, quick, and until now, had never failed.

Using the DynaPlug tool is very straightforward:

  • Select an appropriate length plug.

  • Plunge the insertion rod COMPLETELY into the hole and withdraw the tool.

If done correctly, the plug will remain but the rod will pull out, sealing the leak.

We filled the tire to the recommended pressure and rechecked the leak using the soapy solution to confirm that it had been sealed. We also trimmed the excess because we were at the office and had the time, but we certainly could have just driven on the tire without tidying things up 🙂

We’ll keep an eye on this tire to make sure the leak has truly been dealt with. It’s looking pretty good so far 🙂

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