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eufy Lumos A4 FirstLook

LED Desk Lamp

Halogen desk lamps give off a nice, bright light. However, the bulbs can get REALLY hot and can even start a fire if they come too close to the wrong thing on a desk. So what is the solution? How about a lamp that doesn’t get hot at all, gives off just as much light as a halogen, and requires far less power to run? We are talking about LED lamps.


We have looked at LED lamps in the past (Jansjo, SUNNAN), but they were not as bright or have as many features as our latest find: the eufy Lumos A4 desk lamp.

The features of the Lumos A4:

  • Five (5) brightness levels
  • Four (4) different color temperatures
  • 50000-hour lifespan (approx 20 years of use) LEDs
  • Non-flickering light


The Lumos A4 came packed in a flat box, but fully assembled. It can be easily folded flat, a convenient feature if you ever need to tuck the lamp out of the way. There are two touch-sensitive metal buttons on the base for controlling various functions.


The swiveling LED panel and two-jointed arm lets you direct the light exactly where you want it. The head also turns, so the panel may be turned to point to the side, or even up toward the ceiling.


The lamp is about 2.5 pounds, and the base is weighted, so adjusting the light is easy. The unit is well-balanced for stability, even on sloped surfaces (12° tilt-tested).

The lamp is controlled by two touch-sensitive metal disks on the base. Touching the front disk for a few seconds will turn on/off the lamp. Brightness levels are cycled through by a quick touch of the front disk. The light’s color temperature (warm light versus cool light) is done by tapping the smaller rear one.


With LEDs that use 75% less energy than incandescent lighting and can last for 20 years, and non-mechanical switches for controlling its functions, there is nothing much that can go wrong on this lamp. What’s not to love??? Look for our InTheWild update in 2037 and see if we still feel the same.

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