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InnoPocket HexaPose FirstLook

One of our pet peeves with iPhone and iPad accessories is that they are model-specific. This is nice in may ways (custom fit, smaller size, etc.). When an updated model comes out, all of the older accessories (stands, cases, etc.) will likely not fit the newer unit. For some accessories, this can be annoying, unnecessary, and costly. So whenever we see companies making accessories which are platform-agnostic and device-independent, we feel we should give them a shout-out.

The InnoPocket HexaPose UStand is such an accessory. The UStand is very similar to the Green Figure iHolder. The big difference is the UStand is made completely out of aluminum and will fit any of the 10″ tablets currently on the market.

The HexaPose UStand comes in four pieces:plateholders (2), stand. Assembly is quick and straightforward. The plate is the piece which holds everything together. The two holder pieces screw into the plate and the assembly is mounted onto the holder. Everything which is metal is made from aluminum with the exception of the screws (stainless steel). The strategically placed padding and grippers are made of silicone.

The joint on the plate mates to the stand in such a way that it may be moved to rest at three different angles. The holders made be adjusted to slide slightly (1/4″?) on either side to accommodate small differences in 10″ tablets. The gripper pads have flexible “teeth” to hold without the need to clamp onto the sides of tablet. The stand is designed to look similar to the stand of Apple’s iMac or Cinema Display, but the design will look at home in any set up.

The UStand is a great accessory for the iPad regardless of which model you have. Having the tablet elevated frees up desk space while still making it fully usable horizontally or vertically. The grippers holds the tablet securely, but gives quick access to the iPad should you want to grab it and go. After playing with it for just an afternoon, we think this UStand is very well thought out product and could very well be the best iPad stand on the market today. We’ll see if our initial enthusiasms hold after using it for a while.

InnoPocket is an OEM supplier to a few different accessories sellers (Green FigureLapWorks, etc…), but they also sell directly to end users. We have reviewed a few of their products in the past and know that they use quality materials, their products are well-made, and their designs are unique. We hope they continue the trend of creating more universal products. In the long run we think it will be better for everyone. We look forward to seeing more innovative items from them in the future.

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