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Post-COVID Outing : Gear Preview

Form, Function, Fun.

Now that everyone at RainyDayMagazine has had their 2nd COVID vaccine shot, we are starting to reemerge and reconnect with folks we had not physically seen in a year.

Even though we head out with eagerness and excitement, we also have a bit of trepidation; a year of consciously staying away from other humans will have that kind of affect.

Still, we have to reenter the world at some point, and we plan on venturing out with great enthusiasm. To that end, we have put together a collection of gear which will help RainyDayReaders pack up, head out, and be comfortable in the proximity of friends and—dare we say—random strangers!!!

Maroon Bell Outdoor

Day Pack

There are a lot great day packs out there, but the folks at Maroon Bell were certain they could shift the definition of “great” with their Weekender.

We have been taking the pack on a few outings and will offer a detailed look later, but let us say that this could be the LAST day pack you may ever need to buy!


Speaking of things that are on the “the last ones you will ever need to buy” list, if you are looking for work gloves, Maroon Bell’s Ranching Gloves come highly recommended.

These Ranching Gloves are a lot like their driving gloves we looked at a while back, but have a reinforced palm patch and lower wrist profile. Like the driving gloves, they will stretch-to-fit over time time. Also, you can operate a touch screen without needing to take them off.

Graphene-X T-shirt

We have been extolling the virtues of “layering” and the magic of merino wool for warmth and comfort. However, a few readers have pointed us to a high tech contender which may just disrupt everything…the Layer-X from Graphene-X.

“…Not a single seam, 100% laser-cut, and with graphene integrated into the textile, it just feels like wearing a highly protective layer of… air.”

While the above reads like marketing material, which it most certainly is, but is also freakishly close to the truth. 

Every Day Carry items

EveryDayCarry (EDC) items are comprised of essentials that we have with us most of the time because we like to be prepared for all possibilities (at least, we like to think so). In any case, the following items are so cool that we would want them even if we had no where to go.

  • Harbor SUPER power bank – We always pack some extra juice. This one from Harbor Dynamics uses the same cells as Tesla does, is as dense as a power pack can be, and will keep things “alive” until we can get to an outlet.
  • Crazy Cap UV water purifier and bottle – Being a stainless steel water bottle with a UV light built into the cap means that not only can it sterilize the contents in the bottle, it can be used as a handheld sanitizer for other surfaces!

Face masks

Yes, the CDC has new guidance for who can be mask-free in public. Still, having one handy is the “new normal.” All three have been field-tested extensively for the past year, with the shemagh being the most versatile.

Taking images and being the image of coolness

  • Fujifilm X100F – iPhones can take REALLY good snaps but there is still no substitute for a dedicated camera for superior photos. Our grab-n-go favorite is the Fujifilm X100F. There is a newer version out (the X100V), but we did not find enough compelling reasons to upgrade.
  • Julbo Sherpa – These mountaineering sunglasses are sharp looking, well designed and constructed, and an excellent value for the money (a hat-trick not often found with sunglasses).

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