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First Man On The Moon USPS Stamps

July 20, 1969: the day the first human stepped on the surface of the Moon.

The RainyDay Interns were stunned to learn that some of us remembered seeing it live on tv (along with the rest of the country).

Interns : “You had TV back then???”

Editors: “Yes. Also socks and cinnamon and balloons.”

Interns : “No way!”

USPS : First Man On The Moon 1969

Our Managing Editor collected stamps as a boy, but let the hobby lapse when he went to college (where he discovered girls—big time).

And everybody used them—because they sent something called “letters” back in the day.

Space-related items were always big with him, so it was not surprising to find a mint sheet of the “First Man On The Moon” stamp in the collection.

The moon landing was such a big deal—in a good way—that the Post Office issued more than one “moon stamp.”

The mint sheets in the RainyDayArchives were stored in waxed paper and backed with aluminum foil. A bit excessive? Too geeky? Apparently not for our 15-year old collector. We are not really sure if his technique would be considered an approved archival method, but the stamps look to be in great shape.

Not a single perforation perforated.

USPS : First Man On The Moon 2019 redux

HE went THERE. Understand?

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing, the USPS issued a new pair of stamps, one of the Moon and one of the astronaut. We got a mint sheet of them to go with the one from 50 years ago  (well, he is the Managing editor).

It was the SECOND man on the moon that took this photo of the FIRST man on the moon.

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