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Fujinon 10×42 KF M Binoculars – FirstUse

Pro gear for everyday use

The RainyDayMagazine folks have been using the Fujinon 10×42 KF M binoculars for about a month now. They have used it looking outside the window, outside when the temperature was near or below freezing, and at night to look at the moon. The only thing they have not done is use it out in the rain. Why? Because we are in New England and it is really unpleasant to be out in the rain during winter time; we’ll be definitely giving that scenario a try when the weather is nicer…


After a month of winter use, we can say that these binoculars are a great addition to our gear locker. We reach for the Fujinon more than the Vanguard unit because they are lighter and more compact. We also find them easier to use out in the field, with or without gloves on.

The rubberized coating on the binoculars make them easy to grip and comfortable to hold, especially when it is REALLY cold out. The view through the binoculars is bright and the contrast is sharp, an important feature when trying to locate a bird perched on a tree waaay across the river.


Especially nice is the design of the diopter adjusting lever. Diopter adjustment is designed to let you compensate for differences between your own two eyes. Once you set the diopter, the two barrels should stay in proper relation. From then on you can focus just by turning the central focusing knob.

What we like about the Fujinon’s approach is that the adjustment is done by is done by moving a tab in front of the focusing knob. The arrangement lets the user accomplish the task quickly and with just one hand, especially important when you have to take off a glove in the middle of a 10º day!


We plan to take our new Fujinon binoculars with us on every opportunity and in all kinds of conditions to see how they hold up. We will have the final InTheWild update on how they fared in the Fall.

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