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iPhone VR Panorama Videos

Kotego Dot 360º Lens

Below are some raw 360º videos as captured by the Kotego Dot.

The shooting of the clips was simple enough, but the user experience (UX) of taking videos with the Dot was a bit awkward. The big problem is that the camera needs to be pointed up so that the lens will record the scene properly, which means that the iPhone screen is facing down and you can’t really tell what is being recorded.

360 Yardcam


360º view of the RainyDayGarden in December



The following two clips were taken with the iPhone 4S on the dash of the car… a pretty cheap way to have a 360º dashcam!

360 Dashcam


360º view from inside the car.


Second 360º view from inside the car.


One thing: Forget about using this lens in low light. Because of its small size and the number of “bounces” the light has to make before hitting the image sensor, this lens should only be used outside on a really bright day. Otherwise, the signal-to-noise ratio is just not be acceptable.

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