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RainyDayGiftGuide 2015: Garage

Have fun shopping and Happy Holidays!!!

The Holiday Seasons is upon us, and once again readers have asked us for our gifts ideas.

Our selection criteria for all categories is the same every year: the items have to be things we have actually used or they have to be things we would actually want.

For our readers who like to get hands-on with their cars, the tools we have recommended in previous years still hold. However, we have found a few new items for this 2015.


After Snowmageddon 2015 many have learned the valuable lesson of having a battery-maintainer and/or a 12V jump starter handy. The problem with many of the cheaper units, though, is they just don’t work when you need them. The Pro-Logix charger and Charge-It! jump starters from Clore Automotive are different. They were designed by a company that makes gear used by professional garages and tow-truck operators. They don’t mess around, and if you plan on giving someone a battery-charger and/or a jump starter as a present, neither should you.


Getting a flat tire is no fun anytime, anywhere. What is even more inconvenient is that many new cars don’t even come with a spare tire. Fortunately, Dynaplug has made it possible to repair some flats without fuss. The repair kit contains all of the items to fix a flat. The mini inflator plugs into the car’s lighter and will get you up and running again without breaking a sweat.


When the Check Engine Light (CEL) comes on in the car, it is natural to want to know whether it’s “something serious” or whether you’ve forgotten to tighten the gas cap. Both the CarChip and the LELink readers will tell you.

The CarChip will track a host of diagnostic and engine performance data. The LELink will do some of that, but not quite as much. However, LELink will talk directly to your smartphone, so you can know right away what’s happening with your engine. Note that unlike other OBDII readers, both of these will let you reset the CEL light without having to take your car to your mechanic.


A dashcam used to be a novelty item for folks who wanted to record their exploits on the race track, but has quickly become standard car gear. Those looking for an excellent unit need look no further than the Blackvue DR650GW. The two-camera system records both what’s in front and what’s at the rear of the car, send live video to a smartphone, and upload directly to the cloud. Yeah, this is the one.


Does anyone who repairs/makes stuff/likes working with their hands NOT know the Dremel name? Both the Dremel VersaTip and Micro are excellent gifts for the hobbyist and DIY-er.


We discovered the magic that is Sugru four years ago. Since then, we have found endless uses for the moldable glue. This stuff is phenomenally useful AND comes in different colors!!!

  • Sugru– Self Setting Rubber Multi-Color 8 Pack


Have fun shopping and Happy Holidays!!!

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