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Apple Watch: Pickogen Case

Armor Protection for Apple Watch

Apple Watch came out in April but most of the accessories makers are only just now starting to ship their stuff.

The first Watch-related gear showed up while we were on vacation. This one was from the gadget accessories giant Brando. Of course, just because we were laying about and sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them did not mean we wouldn’t try out this cool-looking number as soon as we got back! We have been using it for a month and we love it!!!

This may be the watch case Batman would have if he had an Apple Watch.


Brando’s Pickogen kit is a complete enclosure—watch case and strap—for Apple Watch. The design is simple but rugged. The case is made from CNC-machined aluminum. There are openings for all of the ports (mic, speaker, etc) and buttons.


The strap is made using soft flexible silicone. We like that it uses a standard attachment for the silicone band. This means we now have access to all the normal bands for other watches should we wanted to change it.


Installing Apple Watch into the Brando case was straightforward:



Some have said Apple Watch is too big; well, this kit clearly is not going to make it any smaller! However, if the 38mm unit is a little small (like if you got one for your girl but she doesn’t want it), then slipping it in this case may make it large enough for bigger wrists 🙂 Besides, who wouldn’t like something made from CNC-machined aluminum and anodized blue?

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