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Boxster Spring Prep 2013

The Spring Prep ritual for the Boxster was completed this weekend. We swapped out the Firestone WinterForce snow tires for the Hankook Ventus summer ones, checked the battery, and did a bunch of maintenance procedures (tire pressure, 4-wheel alignment, control arm lubrication, etc.) to get the car ready for top-down weather.

The Firestone WinterForce performed quite well this Winter under all kinds of condtions: really cold; slushy wet;, heavy snow. We had full confidence driving the Boxster whether we were in the city or on the highway. However, they were definitely not designed for the 60º weather we had been experiencing last week. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and swapped them out for the Hankook Ventus. BTW, the Kurgo TireTotes we got back in 2007 are still going strong. Having the tires wrapped in them definitely made hauling them around much easier. We highly recommend them for anyone who change and store their Winter/Summer tires.

A few months ago, the battery started having problems holding a charge. We chalked it up to not driving it for a week when we were in L.A. while Boston got buried in snow. When we got back, we jumped it to get the car going and did not think more about it. However, the battery never really was the same again. If we didn’t drive the car for a few days, the battery would drain enough to not be able to start the car. The problem deteriorated to the point where we decided to pull the battery and give it a full recondition and recharge (100%13.6V661 CCA) at the bench with the Clore ProLogix charger.

Unfortunately, the problem did not go away. The battery would work fine for a few days and then it would not be able to hold a charge. After running a complete diagnostic using the Solar System Tester on the car’s electronics system (battery, charger, starter), we concluded the issue must be with the battery. Fortunately, the battery was only two years old and still under warranty. We brought it back to Sear’s and they replaced it for free (minus a $20 installation charge).

Convertible owners know that nothing compares to the feeling of riding with the top down, but it can be a bit noisy for conversations or listening to the radio. The Boxster’s solution for reducing cabin noise was to place wind deflectors behind and between the seats. When we got the car 12 years ago, ours did not come with that option. Fortunately, we were able to locate some second-hand deflectors and installed them ourselves. It was amazing the difference they made in suppressing wind noise. We think the wind deflectors are a “must-have” option.

This Spring, after we removed the hardtop and were in the process of installing the windscreens, we noticed that one of the clips on the rollbar had gone AWOL. The clips are supposed to be secured with rivets, but when we installed them 12 years ago, we found that they stayed on just fine without them. We suspect that it may have been knocked off after a visit to our local indie repair shop. As it can be argued that we are partly responsible for the clip not being secured as per directions, we decided to just replace it and call it a day.

We found the kit at Pelican Parts and at a substantial discount compared to the dealer. The kit came with three clips (left, center, right) and the mounting rivets. This time we secured the clips with a dab of clear silicone adhesive just to make it harder for them to “grow legs.” If your Boxster did not come with the windscreens pre-installed, adding the option yourself is a very simple DIY project. You can get all of the pieces (wind deflectors: leftcenterright) and the installation kit directly from Pelican Parts.

If one were to install the clips according to the OEM directions, you will need to remove the pads, drill into the rollbar, and rivet the clips into place. To make it a 10-minute DIY job (no measuring, drilling, or disassembly required), we would recommend you forget about the rivets, slide the clips between the pad and bar, and just use some silicone to hold the clips in place.

With a brand new battery in, all the wheels aligned, the Hankook Ventus tires on, and the wind deflectors up, the Boxster is now ready for the Summer. Road trip!

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