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Mini-Blossom Hummingbird Feeder FirstLook

When we were out in L.A., we saw hummingbirds everywhere. As we had never seen them in Boston, we always assumed that they were warm-weather birds. The topic of hummingbirds came up during our  origami efforts last week. We learned that they are indeed found in New England would visit our garden, if properly enticed. Intrigued by the possibility, we have decided to create an environment inviting to these tiny avians and to take on the challenge of obtaining photographic proof of their visit to the RainyDayGarden.

Our first task was to take a look at what kind of feeders were available for hummingbirds. Our favorite source for all things garden related, Gardener’s Supply Company, had a few different choices. The Mini-Blossom glass feeder immediately caught our eye. We liked the design best because it looked more like a piece of art. So even if we don’t attract any hummingbirds, this feeder will still enhance the overall esthetics of the garden. Win win!

Handmade from recycled glass, each one is slightly different. When we first saw the vase, we thought it would just sit freely in the powder-coated metal hanger. We were surprised to find that the feeder’s bottom was made such that it  screws into the coiled metal wire, securing it firmly. To attract the hummingbirds, the flower is red to and specifically shaped to give them easy access to the liquid in the reservoir. Very clever!

Our next task is to find a place to hang these feeders so they will be visible to the birds as well as to our cameras (and not the cats). There are a few spots which may be suitable. We will experiment and let you know how we make out. [Permalink] – 

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