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Urban Safari : Wild Planet Explorer Ops Gear

At the beginning of the Summer, RainyDayMagazine got in a batch of Explorer Ops gear.  They all looked really cool and even though we wanted to play with them ourselves, we knew we had to send them off to our junior reviewers for a proper field test.  The gear was shipped off with instructions to report back in a few months. Well, the reports have begun to come in.

Today’s FirstUse report is on the Explorer Ops Trek Pak from Laura and Lila: “I’m emailing you so that I can report back to Lila that I did.  She was SO excited about the toys. I don’t think she’s ever been so thrilled about a present in her entire life. As she opened each piece, she’d say to her father (who was trying to nap) “Dad! Look, a compass! Dad! I have a magnifying glass! And tweezers! And a bug-catching jar! And a stopwatch! And…” etc.

When I said you’d sent them to us, she said, “Tell him I said thank you! Tell him I really really really really really really really like them!” She heroically allowed pictures to be taken and I told her I had to write a “report card” of the gear, so now she keeps asking me, “Did you thank Wan? Did you send the report card?”

We took them outside and caught various bugs for a good long time. (We found out that ants are fast!) She’s been wearing the watch nonstop — to the beach and to preschool today — and keeps checking the compass to make sure we’re going “the right way.”  I just wanted to tell you, from Lila, THANK YOU!   

Well, Lila, you are welcome!!!

“Hey mom…what’s that?”

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