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Seeds and Seed Starters

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Starting plants from seeds is a satisfying part of setting up a garden. There are many ways to do it. The basic requirements are some soil, a container, a warm bright spot, and the seeds. The only care needed is to keep the seeds moist until they germinate.

Egg cartons made from fiber are readily available and biodegradable and free (once you have purchased the eggs), which makes them the container of choice for many seed-starting projects. However, fiber egg cartons will both absorb water and leak all over if not placed on a tray. Fortunately, some egg sellers have upgraded to newer technology and now ship their eggs in clear plastic cartons.

These are perfect for starting seedlings, as the clear cover serves as a mini-greenhouse to keep the soil moist and warm. An obvious benefit of a plastic container is they don’t need a drain tray. Stacking and moving them around is much easier. Labeling of what was planted can be done directly on the cover. Some have a built-in gap to allow for air circulation, others have two covers which can be used to prop itself open to encourage air flow.

The seeds have been planted. The containers will sit at a south-facing window, checked daily, until they germinate. We’ll have photos of the growth and progress of this effort over the next few week.

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