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Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames (DPFs) are one of those items which seems like an obvious “killer app” when they first came on the market. We were early adopters but were disappointed with both the image quality and ease-of-use. So much so that we decided that we would not review any until they had 24bit color, displays that were bigger then 3″x5″, and a better user interface. It was several more years before we found one which satisfied all of those requirement.

Ceiva started making digital photo frames in 2000. For the past 10 years, they have continued to invent, refine, and redefine the capabilities of DPFs. The main difference between Ceiva and all of the other makers is that Ceiva’s approach is from the “how do the images get into the frame” standpoint. When they started, the phone line was the only viable option. Today, CeivaShare will support all of the obvious routes: phone, Broadband, WiFi. In this write-up, we’ll take a look at the frame itself. In the next article, we’ll do the setup and show how it all works.

The CeivaShare Digital Photo Frame is 8″x10″ overall. It is matted in the same manner as a typical high-end frame. Under the mat is a 4.5″x6.25″ (8″ diagonal) LCD display. The package also contains a remote, an AC power supply, and various connectors/adapters. The thing that we expected to see but didn’t was a software CD. It was not there because no software or drivers are needed.

The CeivaShare’s design is very clean. Its appearance from the front is like any high-quality photo frame. The controls and the ports are in the back and the sides of the unit. The CF and SD slots are on the left side and the remote holder on the right. Lifting the back coverreveals the AC and USB ports are hidden underneath.

The unit came with the WiFi adapter already installed. For those who don’t have WiFi but still have POTS service, the accessories packet includes a phone line modem with a USB connector. There is also a twist on connector for the frame stand in the back of the unit. The stand is not adjustable, but the view angle appears to be well chosen.

We really like the look of this CeivaShare digital frame and are eager to see how the quality of the display  compares to that of the Parrot. We are also eager to check out the photo sharing and other capabilities of the Ceiva PicturePlan.

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