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Gardener’s Grow Bed Assembly

The temperature was in the high 60s most of the weekend. We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to prep the ground and assembled the GrowBed that we got last week from The Gardener’s Supply Company.

The 3’x6′ GrowBed came in two separate boxes. The larger box had the 3’x3′ unit. The smaller box had the extension to make the 3’x6′ bed. The panels for the GrowBed are made from recycled plastic materials, are quite rigid, and should last for many seasons.

The 3’x3′ kit contained four 3′ panels, connecting spikes, and corner covers. The extension kit consisted of two additional 3′ panels, two support plates, and a U-shaped connecting rod. All the panels have integrated joints which allow them to be connected by the plastic spikes. The entire assembly process took about 10 minutes from start to finish. No tools were needed for assembly.

We did not install the side bracing because we are not sure that the rectangular shape is the one we want for the Grow Bed. We are going to see if a parallelogram or a rhombus configuration would fit better with the “visual flow” of the garden. However, we’ll leave it as is and decide in the next few days.

Once we have the final orientation and shape, we’ll fill it and get it ready for planting. Some of the seedlings (tomatoes, peppers) will come from the local nusery, some we’ll start from seed. For the ones we will be starting from seed, we are going to make our own seedling starter greenhouse out of some clear egg cartons. We have never done it before, so it will be an interesting experiment.

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