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STOK Grilling Accessories FirstLook

Kettles, smokers, wire baskets, pizza stones... Oh My!!!

The STOK Gridiron made its FirstGrill debut a month ago, and our guests were impressed with many of its features: the well-designed layout, the large cooking surface, and its rolling portability. The Gridiron’s most intriguing feature, however, was its swappable center plate.

RainyDayKitchen decided to take a closer look at some of the accessories for this feature because many of our FirstGrill guests commented on how cool that removable round plate was.


When we did the FirstLook of the Gridiron, we talked about the pizza stone insert. However, STOK offers an entire line of (round) accessories for their grills. What’s more, those inserts will fit other units in the new STOK line.

We took a look at all of them and here are some which were of interest to us:


The first thing we noticed about the accessories is they are of excellent quality. They are well designed items that extend the capabilities of the STOK grills. The next thing we noticed was that the cast iron items were pre-seasoned. While the RainyDayKitchen folks are no strangers to seasoning cast iron cookware, it is still a convenience when things come ready to use.


As with the pizza stone, all of the STOK inserts fit into the center opening. For the July 4th cookout, we used the wire basket for grilling asparagus. The basket was large enough to accommodate the stalks and deep enough that we were able to grill over a pound of asparagus all at once.


One of the things we really liked about the Gridiron is the large cooking surface. Even with the wire basket insert in place, we were still able to get half a dozen ears of corn on the grill. Nice!


We probably could have turned the corn quicker so it didn’t char so much; apparently we’re still getting used to cooking with the new grill. The asparagus did come out exactly as we liked it. However, because we didn’t have the handle, we had to open the basket to “toss” the stalks around so they would cook evenly. The handle may be a necessary item to have with these inserts.


For the casual July 4th cookout, we grilled some chicken, pork and ribeye steaks. The grilling was definitely made easier with the STOK Gridiron and the basket insert accessory. Looks like we have found a keeper for the RainyDayKitchen crew!


BTW, 4th of July is not so without the Flag Pie for dessert from our editor Carolyn! Also, apparently “Patriot Colors” will now also be a thing for this annual RainyDay event 🙂


We have lots of ideas for the FirstUse of the Gridiron’s cast iron kettle and the smoker. Readers can be sure we will have both well-tested before our big event on Labor Day!!!

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