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Unaccompanied Minor: Elzle solar charger

Today I will be reviewing the Elzle solar charger. This charger is for charging your phone.

It comes with a built in light that signifies how much charge life is left on the charger. It has four solid lights that aren’t blinking when it is fully changed and when the lights are blinking it means that it is running low and needs to be charged by the sun. It has two usb ports and an input to charge the panel from an outlet.

It has a solar panel on the top and it comes with a already connected rope and a carabiner which allows you to attach it to a backpack, tent or whatever else you might want to hang it from. This is great for camping, beaches, hiking, etc. I really like this solar charger because when you are on the go and you forgot to charge your phone, you can just grab this charger and go. Then after you have used it you can put it in the sun to charge it again for the next time you might need it. It also holds the energy for a very long time. This will work on all phones.

One thing that I wish was better was the fact that the charger was so big it didn’t fit in my pocket. It is 6-3/8″x 3-1/8″. Also that it takes a good amount of time to charge the charger in the sun.

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