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RainyDayGiftGuide 2019: Projects Gifts

Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays!!!

As in previous years, we have put together a series of RainyDayTastic GiftGuides for this holiday, full of suggestions for our readers. As with every one of our Guides, all of the items in this guide are either things we looked at, ones we reviewed and liked, or brand new gear we haven’t reviewed yet but we think you would like.

Happy Holidays!


Ideas for fun projects, tools to help see better, and tools to make and fix things… great gifts for the “makers” and “DIYers” on your list!!!


10 LED Projects For Geeks

Every project includes photos, step-by-step directions, colorful circuit diagrams, and the complete code to bring the project to life. You’ll learn how to:

  • Design versatile circuits for your own needs
  • Build and print a custom printed circuit board
  • Create flexible circuits which you can use to make any wearable you dream up
  • Turn analog signal into digital data your microcontroller can read
  • Use gesture recognition and wireless interaction for your own Internet of Things projects
  • Experiment with copper tape and create circuits with paper and foil
  • Build “smart” gadgets that make decisions with sensors

Thomas Heatherwick: Making

This is the definitive publication on one of the world’s most exceptional designers. More than 600 pages, 140 projects and hundreds of photographs, illustrations, and sketches, this revised and expanded monograph will excite, inspire, and serve as an invaluable resource for creative solutions and the joy of making for many years to come.


LightView Flex

  • 3″ diopter glass lens – clear and doesn’t fog
  • Focused LED light in a 18-20″ ring – 570 lumens w/no shadows
  • LEDs are rated to last 100,000 hour
  • Strong, tight, non-skid clamp

LightView Flex 2-in-1

  • 5 diopter (2.25x magnification) non-fogging glass magnifying lens
  • Can be clamped on the side or used as a desk lamp
  • 13.5 inch gooseneck that bends in any direction

Head-mounted magnifier

  • Adjustable magnifying glass w/LED light
  • 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, 3.5X magnification
  • Frame or elastic headband


Dremel LITE

  • Variable speed from 8, 000 to 25, 000 rpm
  • Accessory changes without the need of a wrench
  • USB rechargeable 4V li-ion battery


  • Great for fixing, mounting, reinforcing, sealing, and many more
  • Waterproof, heat and cold resistant, durable, and electrically insulating up to 24v
  • Non-runny formula for quick and easy application
  • Holds up to 4.4 lb (2 kg) on glass, ceramics, wood, metal, plaster, etc
  • Comes in black, white, and a range of other colors

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