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Merino wool: as amazing as they say

Henleys and Polos and Tees...oh my!!!

Having worn our Unbound Merino t-shirts (both short and long sleeved) for a year for varying lengths of time and in all kinds of situations, we can say with confidence that merino wool is amazing.

Merino wool shirts really do not smell even when worn for days, dry quickly after washing, and are super comfortable in all conditions.

Now that we are believers, we wanted to see who else is using this amazing fiber and what are they making with it. Our search turned up one company using merino wool in a variety of styles.

Wool & Prince

“Wool & Prince is founded on the idea that guys get more out of life when they have fewer things.”

The attitude that more is not better (just more) is beginning to resonate with many. We’ve noticed it, too. Clothing companies such as Wool & Prince are catering to this trend with basics that are rich to the touch, easy to care for, and versatile. While this is especially appealing to the travel set, many are attracted because it simplifies life!

Crew Neck: 100% Merino

The Crew Neck tee, made with 100% merino wool, is for the purists. Wool & Prince knitted up a heavy-weight jersey fabric with beautiful drape, amazing feel, and improved durability vs. the lighter 100% merino tees from others.

Henley: 78% merino wool, 22% nylon

Dress it up. Use it as a layering piece. Wear it to work. Take a hike in it. The Henley can go anywhere. Traditionally, blended yarns are constructed by mixing fibers from two different sources and then spinning the mixed fibers. Wool&Prince took a different approach and spun a 17.5 micron wool core with two small nylon filaments. This is quickly becoming our new favorite!!!

Polo: 100% Merino

Is there anything more versatile than the classic Polo? It works for just about any kind of meeting, outing, or gathering. This is a workhorse, and in merino wool, it is a no-brainer must-have!

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