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EDC Gear : Summer 2017

Wallets, Belts, and Multitools!!!

The standard Summer garb at the RainyDayMagazine office is t-shirts, shorts, and sandals, so any EDC (Every Day Carry) gear we wish to have with us must either be clipped, dangled, or hung on belt loops, keychains, or other convenient parts of our seasonal attire.

We have gear from some fantastic EDC vendors in this Summer issue, but wanted to call out SurvivalStraps, Trayvax, and Grip6 in particular. Each is a small vendor, and everything they make is by hand and in the USA. We will have a more in-depth look at each of them in the Fall, but below is a brief look at their offerings should you want to get you hands on them before the “BackToSchool” crush.

We also got items from Screwpop ToolseTape, iPin Laser, and PhotoFast, which we have yet used, but they looked interesting so we threw them into the mix. Enjoy!


Survival Straps

The stuff made by the SurvivalStraps guys is well-constructed, made with top quality materials, and very stylish. We have seen a LOT of Apple Watch bands, and the one from Survival Straps beats them all by a mile. Their bands for regular watches are pretty awesome as well!

  • Apple Watch strap: 38mm / Silver adapter /Stainless screw pin / wrist = 6.5 / Black-black / center line = neon orange
  • Regular Watch Strap: Stainless screw pin / wrist = 6.5 / Neon Orange- Neon Orange / center line = Black



Trayvax was started by founder Mark King in 2013 to make wallets. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, Mark’s wallets are built from premium materials and assembled by hand here in the USA. Trayvax’s offerings have expanded to other personal items (belts, keychains, etc), and not surprisingly, all are made with the same attention to design, details, and quality.



The folks at Grip6 value hard work, continual improvement and obsessively striving to be the best. Their commitment is reflected in the high quality American materials and suppliers that they use to create their products.

  • Carbon Fiber Buckle – We lover anything made out of carbon fiber 🙂 This includes a belt buckle. Yes, this is REAL carbon fiber, not some crappy “carbon fiber-patterned” whatever.
  • Belt / Strap – A fantastic belt with an extremely flat profile. It is easily adjustable, but has a steel-trap grip that has never slipped on us in use.



One of our new source for EDC gear is company called Screwpop Tools. Their designs are fresh, functional, and made with quality materials. We are sure we’ll be looking at more of their stuff in the future!!!

The SOG Reactor multi-tool is a great EDC item which we have been carrying for the past six months. The KeyBiner is new to us and we will have more to say about it soon.


More gadgets

These misc items are not so much EDC, but more like NTH (Nice To Have)….worth considering for those folks who can’t have enough gadgets!!!

  • eTAPE – Who WOULDN’T want to have a measuring tape with a digital readout? We would use it just for the heck of it 🙂
  • iPin Laser Ruler – And if the distance that needed measuring is more than the eTape can handle, then break out the iPan Laser Ruler.
  • PhotoFast MemoryCable – Running out of room on the iPhone, but iCloud access is not handy? Offload stuff to the MemoryCable and free up space on the phone without worries.



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