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Johnny Mnemonic’s Virtual Desktop is almost here!

Virtual Desktop by Steam

Even though some of us saw the movie Johnny Mnemonic back in 1995, it had a scene which has stayed with me to this day: Johnny breaks into an electronics store, straps on a pair of VR goggles, and “surfs” a VR Internet. I have wanted to be able to do that ever since I watched Johnny do it (surfing a VR Internet, not breaking into an electronics store). Well, that day is almost here!!!


Recently, Version 1.0 of  Virtual Desktop was launched on Steam. Virtual Desktop is in many ways superior to the VR environment envisioned twenty years ago in the movie.

Virtual Desktop currently runs on a PC and supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR goggles. With Virtual Desktop, you can do everything you now do on the physical screen—surf the web, watch movies, play games—but on an immersive virtual screen. The implication of this is STAGGERING, not just for how we’ll be interacting with computers, but for photography, entertainment, sports, and a lot of other parts of our lives.


We will have more thoughts on this once we get a system up and running 🙂 BTW, the video is best when seen in “full screen” mode. Trust us on this.

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