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Urban Safari : Turkey in Roslindale

We heard some unfamiliar “clucking” sounds this morning. Turns out, it was coming from a turkey that was up a tree! We watched it fly onto the roof (having never seen one fly before), walked along the apex, then hopped off and glided across the street. Urban safari indeed.


Even though the bird was quite large, it was well camouflaged. We didn’t see it until we were outside and it called out. She was behind the trunk of the tree, perched on a branch, and about fifteen feet off the ground. While it was surprising to see the turkey up there (as we had no idea how it was able to get up that high) we were astounded to see it flap its wings and fly up to the roof!


The turkey strutted around on the roof, calling out all the while. We  didn’t know what it wanted or was looking for, so we just followed it from the back to the front and watched. As can be seen in the close-up, wild turkeys are very sleek…not all mis-shapen like the ones bred for Thanksgiving.


All of  a sudden, the bird spread its wings, flapped, and took off. It glided silently from the roof, flew across the street, and disappeared without a trace. We were left speechless, but “graceful” was the word that came to mind.


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