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RainyDayGiftGuide 2013 : Garage

A lot  of people have garages to store their car. Some even have enough space that they can work on their vehicles while protected from the New England weather. However, many city dwellers are not so fortunate. Most have to park on the street, and a few lucky ones can park in a private driveway. Those with such parking conditions have to choose their automotive tools with a bit more selectivity. The tools have to be portable, rugged, and if possible multi-purpose. It is with these criteria in mind that we put together the 2013 RainyDayGarage Holiday Gift Guide.

Many of the items we have on this year’s list are from Clore Automotive. Their gear has restarted our cars, filled our tires, and brought our dead batteries back to life. In all the years that we have used these products, they have never failed us. So this Holiday Season, we wanted to give Clore a special shout-out and highlight some of the items which we’ve found to be particularly noteworthy. If you are looking for professional-quality items for the garage, Clore Automotive is the name you want on it.

  • JNC Air – A combination 1700-Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter, 15V DCpower source, and air compressor with 12-foot hose. This is practically a “must own” item for anyone who has a vehicle.

  • WORX SD Driver – Slide action changes the bit selection. Bits are never lost.
  • WORXAir – Blower, sweeper, cleaner. 120 mph air speed. Lithium-powered.
  • Aluminum floor jack – Low profile, quick-lift action, can lift 2-ton vehicle.

Tomorrow is the 19th and generally last day that online retail sites guarantee delivery by Christmas. If you still have shopping to do, come back tomorrow for our LastSecond recommendations! Happy Holidays!!!

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