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RainyDayGiftGuide 2011 : Last Minute GiftGuide

No matter how much we plan, we always end up with some last-minute shopping to do. When we need to make sure we get it there in time for Christmas morning, we use Amazon. If things are ordered prior to 8 p.m. PST on 12/23, they will still get to their destination in time with Amazon’s 2-Day shipping. So stop running around, get online, and get it done. Here are some great ideas for those of you who still have a little more shopping left to do. Where possible, we’ve even Amazon-linked the items for you.

The first on the list is candles. We know what you are thinking…boring, snoozer…wait. These are Smart Candles.

They flicker like real candles, they throw shadows like real candles, but they are infinitely better than real candles. Smart Candles use LEDs so they last for about 10 hours per charge. They are cool to the touch so you can put them ANYWHERE (boxes, window sill, etc…) without worry (kids, pets, paper, etc.). They are way cheaper in the long run as they can be reused hundreds of times. We have been using them for years and they are just excellent for all occasions.

Legos may be for kids, but the love of those little pieces of plastic clearly transcends age boundaries. The Cult Of LEGO by Baichtal and Meno is a great book for anyone who has a passion for those little colorful blocks.

Digital photo frames are always a good gift, but how about giving one as a stocking stuffer? Digital Foci’s super bright OLED Pocket Photo Album now come in two sizes (1.5″, 2.8″). The new units have better color, higher contrast, and a wider viewing angle.

For last minute iPhone and iPad gift ideas, check out the TekCharge and the DomeSkins. The Tekkeon TekCharge is both a charger and an emergency power pack. Don’t let the small size of TekCharge (MP1580) fool you. Just put in four rechargeable or AA batteries and the battery pack will put out 1000mA…sufficient to power devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

DomeSkins are one of those last-minute items which showed up in the RainyDay office. We wanted to give it a mention because they are such a cool idea. Some may remember the little DIY iPhone4 skin hack we did back in June. Well, you can now give a 3D Leica M9 iPhone 4 skin as a present without having to do any work! DomeSkins are made from a removable/reusable 3M plastic. They protect the iPhone and iPad from scratches and improves the grip. Go here to check out all the different designs and patterns.

Everyone appreciates the greater clarity of HDTV. Know what is even better? Pulling FREE HDTV programs right out of the air with a ClearStream Micron antenna! The unit is compact, flat, and now has even higher sensitivity due to the addition of a new reflector. Compared to cable, the quality of the over-the-air signal can be even sharper. If the signal is good enough, a dirty LCD screen can still make the picture look like crap. Clean the LCD panel quickly and safely with solutions designed for the taskScreenDr from Digital Innovations are formulated to be gentle yet effective.

Getting something for the house is always cool. The rechargeable LED House Numbers from MatterInc are beyond cool. They are amazing. Because of the clever design, these numbers clearly visible day or night. The LEDs are powered by the built-in solar-rechargeable battery. When the sun goes down, the LEDs automatically goes on. Ours have been working maintenance-free since the day they were installed.

Folks you want to buy a gift for already have great knives? Chances are they don’t have a great knife-sharpener. GATCO makes a complete line of sharpeners for all kinds of knives.

OK, GATCO has sharpeners for all kinds of knives with the exception of this one. The CRKT Nathan’s Knife Kit is a wooden model kit of a folding knife. The idea came from Nathan, the 7-year old son of knife and tool designer Glenn Klecker. We are pretty sure the kit will appeal to the 7-year old that is in just about everybody.

Of course, when buying gifts, don’t forget the family dog! Premier’s line of Sheepskin Squeeker dog toys and Jingle Bell Collars will be a fun treat for Fido 🙂 Got a big dog? Get the 24″ Mammoth Bone!

The Apple iPad and the Amazon Fire may be getting all the press, but the “sleeper” gift of this Holiday Season may be this tablet from iMPROV Electronics. iMPROV is the maker of the wildly successful Boogie Board tablet. Since the day the tablet was unveiled, users have been asking for a version which would let them save their notesand doodles. The RIP is that version.

Today is the 12th and last in the series of this year’s RainyDayMagazine GiftGuides. We hope they were helpful to you this Holiday Season. Happy Holidays!!!

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