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IKEA Jansjo LED Lamp

We  love IKEA. We love their whole approach to doing business. We love going to their stores. We love their products. We love their prices. We even love eating there. A few years ago, we did a brief article on a solar-powered LED lamp we found at IKEA. The lamp is still in use, but the power doesn’t last long enough for our needs. This weekend, while strolling through IKEA, we came upon an LED lamp that may be exactly what we have been searching for: bright, configurable, inexpensive.

The lamp is the Jansjo, and comes in a few different colors. There is even a stainless steel version. Like all IKEA products, the lamp is flat-packed and some assembly is required. The process is simple and required no more than a few minutes to put together. The steps are self-evident, but there are clear instructions and even a phone number for a help line should there be any questions.

Before putting the lamp together, we laid all the pieces (neckbaseAC adapter) out so we could see how everything fits together. We, being who we are, also wanted to get a closer look at the super-bright LED bulb. In order to get at the bulb, we had to first do a little dissassembling of the front plastic lens and reflector. A little gentle prying with a small screwdriver did the trick. With the reflector removed, we had a good view of the entire LED circuit board. What we saw was pretty cool!

The LED bulb is tiny. It is surrounded by a few chips and a couple of resistors. Everything was mounted on a wafer board and firmly attached (glued…we suspect) to the housing. We were not able to loosen it in any way. Prying would like just break the circuit board and damage the components. Too bad as this bulb would be a great part for use in other hacks.

When we say this is a super-bright LED lamp, we don’t mean that it is bright-as-compared-to-other-LED-lamps. This lamp is as bright as our 100W halogen lamp, but without all the heat. In fact, an LED lamp typically uses 80% less energy while giving off a comparable amount of light. We can touch the bulb when it is on and the bulb is cool to the touch. Unlike with halogens, there is no fire hazard from papers accidentally coming in contact with the bulb and (possibly) catching fire. The best part? Even with all of this technology, this Jansjo is only $10…half the price of what it cost last year! Now you know why we love IKEA 🙂

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