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HeadFirst iPhone Development: Chapter 2

Today we got started on a slightly more complicated iPhone app called InstaTwit. This is still a single-view application, but it makes use of a control called the Picker.

Laying out the UI for the InstaTwit app was a lot quicker now that we are more comfortable with manipulating the UI objects in the Interface Builder palette. We had no problems with getting the labels, button, and picker placed. The first “build and run” was also clean.

This section used the Picker control to introduce the pattern of Control-Delegate-Datasource.  This pattern is how most controls operate. The idea is to separate the data from the visuals and to manage the communications via an intermediary.

There was quite a bit to digest in the first part of Chapter 2. We felt that it was important to fully grasp the concepts so we are taking it slowly. Tomorrow, we’ll work through the section which will show us how to populate the Picker. That should be fun!

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