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Alpine Labs Pulse: FirstLook

Camera remote, wireless trigger, and a whole lot more...

We have used many different camera triggers (Yongnuo, Satechi, Cactus) both in the studio and InTheWild. Remote/wireless triggers are used for many purposes: to eliminate camera shake, prolong exposures, take multiple shots over time, synchronize the firing of several cameras at once, etc. No single unit can do all of that (and more), until the Pulse from Alpine Labs.


We have never seen anything like the Pulse. Instead of just a wireless trigger, Alpine Labs has combined a Bluetooth remote camera controller with the power of a smartphone app.

The Pulse can do things like:


In the box is the Pulse, cables (USB, camera-specific), pouch, and directions. At just one-and-a-half ounces with a twelve-hour internal battery (rechargeable), the Pulse is designed to go everywhere and anywhere a camera can go.


One convenient way to attach the Pulse is on the camera’s hot shoe mount. As there is no actual connection via the hot shoe, it won’t matter if the Pulse is duct-taped to the camera 🙂 However, it does communicate with the camera via the USB port and to the smartphone via Bluetooth. By using the camera’s USB port and not the trigger port, the Pulse allows the photographer to control both the camera’s video and photo functions.


Most remote triggers take photos; the Pulse does a whole lot more. We’ll have more on what it can do in the FirstUse write-up. Look for it before Summer.

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