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RainyDayGiftGuide 2015: Garden

Have fun shopping and Happy Holidays!!!

The Holiday Seasons is upon us, and once again readers have asked us for our gifts ideas. Our selection criteria for all categories is the same every year: the items have to be things we have actually used or would actually want.

Just because it’s Winter doesn’t mean our RainyDayGarden readers are not thinking about Spring! This year we have some great suggestions that even non-gardeners will love. Most of these items are available from our favorite online source for garden gear… Gardener’s Supply Company!


Bird Watcher

  • Crackle glass Moon Drop feeders – These glass feeders are easy to put up, hold a good amount of food, and offer shelter for the birds when it is not so nice out. We also like them because they are especially attractive during the snowy time of the year. And when they are light up by sunshine.
  • Blossom Hummingbird Feeder – We know there are no hummingbirds around in the Winter, but they will be back in the Spring!


  • Wingscape Birdcam – The easiest way to capture and share photos and videos of the birds and wildlife in the backyard.


Plant Displays

  • H. Potter Glass Free Standing Terrarium – A metal terrarium with a charcoal-brown powder-coat finish. It’s a great size for small places. The entire glass terrarium top lifts off for easy access. The perfect indoor planter for the office or apartment.
  • Nesting Metal Plant Stands – Simple, sturdy and versatile. These plant stands come in a set of three sizes — small, medium and large. Use them together as a stepped platform, or separate them to use in different parts of the home. An excellent way to display those outdoor plants brought in for the Winter.


  • Mini Magnet Succulent Garden – This is one of our favorite finds of 2015. Already planted with succulents, this set of 3-inch magnetized ceramic pots attaches to many metal surfaces. A great way to dress up a refrigerator, office cubicle, or filing cabinet with easy-to-care-for living art.



  • Eucalyptus Wood Potting Bench – Originally designed for potting plants, this “garden chic” potting bench is made from durable Eucalyptus cladocalyx wood with an easy-to-clean zinc top. Useful in the garden for working on plants or in an entryway to hold keys and mail, as a serving table for garden parties, or anywhere a little extra table space is needed.



  • Personalized Crates – These wooden apple crates look amazing both indoors and outdoors and are an attractive storage solution. The crate may be customized with additional accessories, color, and personal wording to create a truly unique gift.
  • ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Lantern and Torch – Effectively and silently repels mosquitos, black flies, and other flying and/or biting insects. 
  • Pear and Apple-shaped Glass Fruit Fly Traps – Fruit flies can be bothersome any time of the year. These attractive traps will take care of the pests without being an eye sore.
  • Gold Leaf Winter Touch™ Gloves – One of the few products ever endorsed by Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society. Gold Leaf gloves are used by the gardeners at Buckingham Palace and those folks know something about gardening 🙂


  • Morella drink holder – Designed to work with an umbrella, but just as functional when attached to any post. Perfect for when working in the garden, rain or shine.


Have fun shopping and Happy Holidays!!!

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