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Two-Night Event on PBS (9PM)

One of our editors got RainyDayMagazine on the list to attend a preview and discussion of PBS’s AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Walt Disney at the JFK Presidential Library a few weeks ago.

Those of us who went  have to say that even though it was an Aikido/Patriots football night, it was a pretty cool talk and all those who went were glad they did!


None of us had never really considered the huge impact Walt Disney had on America and the world. We also knew nothing of his background, and very little about Disney the company, and its history. The preview gave some fascinating glimpses of what’s in the documentary that will be aired starting Monday night on PBS.



We saw snippets of rare footages on Walt Disney in the early days, photos of the construction of Disneyland, and behind-the-scenes stuff not possible without the complete access PBS had to the Disney archives.

The best part of the evening were the insights and stories offered by the panel—Mark Samels, Exec Producer of American Experience; Don Hahn, producer of Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King for Disney Films; Carmenita Higginbotham, Associate Professor of American Studies at University of Virginia; and Ron Suskind, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. They did an excellent job in putting Disney in context and contrasting it to today.

The documentary will air on PBS Monday and Tuesday evenings starting at 9PM.

We are looking forward to learning more about Walt Disney!!!

BTW…the JFK Presidential Library looks pretty awesome as well!!! Definitely a future “date night” destination 🙂





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