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BlackVue Dashcam : Signal And Go

On Route 95 between Boston and NYC

When we installed a BlackVue dashcam in the Boxster a few years ago, we hadn’t anticipated that it would become such  a part of our driving experience that we now find it odd to be in a vehicle without its always-on recording capability. We have recorded many “interesting” moments on the road and have been sharing them as appropriate.

We drive between Boston and New York City all the time. During a recent drive back to Boston a month, we were reminded that people always seem to signal when about to change lanes. This is very nice. However, what we saw many times was that once that signal had been made, the lane change was going to be executed regardless of whether the lane is clear.

Apparently, the signal is to indicate that a lane change is about to take place and whomever may be in the way should get the f’ck out of the way…

Note first the black SUV in the middle lane merging to the left, then later the white box truck going into the middle lane…that silver van almost got tagged twice in less than a minute!!!


Five minutes later, a red SUV did the same thing to us. Fortunately, the driver decided to not try and violate the physics of space/time in with us.


Lest readers think that this behavior occurred just on that particular trip and/or that the behavior is limited to car and van drivers, the clip below shows a tractor trailer executing the “signal & go” maneuver. We gave him the finger when we later passed him (which we judiciously chose not to record).

The wide-angle cam makes the above clip look like that tractor trailer merely passed us instead of almost putting us into the divider. In reality it definitely would have crushed us if we had not braked….

As much as we love driving the Boxster, we are looking forward to the day of robotic truck drivers and automated cars!!!!

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