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TapHanger FirstLook/FirstUse

Hang it right the first time...

Giving and getting photos as gifts is fantastic. Putting them up, though…sometimes not so much. Hanging framed photos and other such items can be either a quick and easy task or an exercise in frustration. The difference is whether you’ve got the right tools for the job.

A while back, we took a look at a very clever tool from UTR Decorating called Hang&Level (FirstLook, FirstUse) for putting frames on the wall. The Hang&Level is perfect for arranging and aligning frames because it marks exactly where the nail should go, eliminating all the trial and error typically associated with the task.

Recently, we added a new item called the TapHanger to our frame-hanging tool set. This device not only makes putting frames on drywall quick, but once they have been put up, they will never move out of place. Sounds amazing…right? Well, it is exactly that.


  • No wires
  • No screwdrivers (but you will need a small hammer)
  • No wall visible damage (just a couple of tiny holes)

The TapHanger package comes with 80 reusable brads and the special brad holder. Unlike standard brads, TapBrads have a collar in the middle and are pointed at both ends. The holder has a metal column with a hole that holds brad securely yet remain half exposed (because of the the collar).

NOTE: Hammer not included

Tapping the brad into the frame was simple, as the special tool made it easy to hold everything to the vertical. With both brads in place, mounting the frame was just a matter of holding the frame level and gently pressing the corners into the drywall. Also, a small block level placed on top of the frame ensured, uh, horizontality, a lot better then just eyeballing it.

We got the frame installed in a tight spot on the wall on the the first try, and without having to move anything on the desk! After having used this tool once, we don’t see ourselves mounting frames on drywall any other way. This tool is genius!!!

Yes, the TapHanger will only work on drywall, and only up to 20 pounds. Seeing as most interior walls are likely drywall and most frames will weigh less than 20 pounds, though, this tool is a marvelous addition for any DIYer’s kit!

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