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One of the easiest ways to decorate a wall is with pictures and photos. While hanging them up is easy, aligning them can be a bit more challenging. If you have tried to align more than one photo on a wall, you know first-hand how frustrating this seemingly simple task can be. Even the slightest mis-alignment will be glaringly obvious and an annoying reminder of your miscalculation every time you look at it.

The process of alignment doe not have to be an exact measurement. Sometimes it is quicker done by visual inspection. The folks at Under The Roof created a tool to simplify the task of hanging pictures on a wall. The Hang&Level is a visual positioning tool designed to mark exactly where to place the nail or hook. The utility of this tool will be immediately evident to anyone who has ever tried to hang multiple frames along side each other. The Hang&Level will save time, frustrations, and quite possibly a few walls 🙂

The Hang&Level is deceptively easy to use. Integrated into the tool are the horizontal and vertical bubble levels, a ruler, and steel-tipped markers. To keep the tool from slipping, the corners on the back have been fitted with silicone pads.

A summary of how to use the Hang&Level is printed on the body of the tool. A detailed set of printed directions are also included and can be helpful for attempting some of the more complicated hanging projects. If you still need more info, there are short videos at the Under-The-Roof site of their “hanging experts” showing how to use the tool.

We have a few “hanging projects” we need to do around the office. We’ll report back with a FirstUse write-up when we have had a chance to give the Hang&Level a go. We are pretty sure the maintenance guy will be happy to know that, with the Hand&Level, at least he won’t have so much patching and painting follow up work after one of our “redecorating benders.”

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