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Fujifilm X100S Accessories: Lens Hood

The Fujifilm X100S came with a few accessories (lens cap, nylon strap, USB cable). While the lens cap and strap are functional, we felt a camera this beautiful deserved something a bit more luxurious. While waiting for the camera’s arrival, the interns spent that time researching for accessories worthy of pairing with the X100S. Their efforts revealed a surprising range of choices and prices for cases and straps, and even lens hoods. We have narrowed the list and will be taking a closer look at them over time.

One of the design goals of the original X100 was to make a compact camera that offered the best image quality without compromise. They have achieved that through the incorporation of a newly developed, non-interchangeable, non-collapsible, fixed focal length, high-performance FUJINON 23mm f/2 fixed prime lens. We expect that we will taking our Fujifilm X100S everywhere. However, the slip-on cap that came with the camera just did not seem like it would provide sufficient protection for the lens of a camera that is expected to be out in the wild for most of its life. So the first accessory we thought of was a skylight or UV filter that would also protect that lens from getting scratched.

In order to attach a filter to the fixed lens of the X100S, an adapter is required. Fujifilm offers one which will take a standard 49mm filter as well as a lens hood. The filter and hood combo should offer some protection for the glass against the typiclal knocks and bumps. There are aftermarket versions of the adapter/hood combo and the prices vary widely. We opted for the one made by JJC. It is made of metal, fits like a glove, and is color-matched to the titanium gray of the camera. It is also less than 1/5 the price of the OEM version!

The Fujifilm X100S comes pre-threaded for an adapter ring. However, to attach the adapter, the thread cover must first be removed. Once the threads have been exposed, the adapter may be screwed onto the lens, which will then enable a standard 49mm filter to be mounted. The lens hood is attached by sliding it over the adapter ring and twist-locking it into place. We would recommend getting the adapter ring and lens hood from the same vendor as they are not standard parts. You want to be sure they mate properly for the best fit. Note that the OEM lens cap will not fit with the hood attached.

Adding the filter and lens hood does make the camera less “pocket-able.” When a slimmer profile is desired, the entire assembly may be quickly removed and the original ring/cover replaced. We feel that this is a reasonable trade-off and a good precaution to take for everyday use. We will let you know how we feel after a few months.

BTW, want to know what is inside the red box in the back? Come back on Monday and find out. Here is a hint. The box is from from JnK Handworks. We are confident that you will not be disappointed.

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