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Lynx Edicions: All the Birds of the World

All the Birds of the World

We have looked at books from Lynx Edicions before and every volume has exceeded expectations. So while the title of this one was a pretty bold claim, we were not skeptical in the least.


Shipping a big, heavy book (10 pounds!) from Spain to Boston and ensuring its safe arrival is no small task. The book itself arrived completely intact and blemish-free! 

And we thought Christmas was over.

Clearly, the package’s journey from Barcelona to Boston was not without some knocks, but the double-boxing and support surrounding the book did its job.

Kind of like a puzzle-box, with the best present ever.

We enjoyed seeing the logo cutout on the inside flap. We also appreciated Lynx’s use of completely recyclable cardboard for all aspects of the packaging.

“You lookin’ at me? Well, I’m lookin’ at YOU.”


The book is well organized, making it easy to look up things. The book is “live” in that it has codes that direct readers to videos and sound recordings. But this book is more—way, way more—than those features. Regardless of which page the reader opens to, there is something fascinating on it. The book is not just a great reference, it’s a book for random arm-chair explorations (which always produce the most exciting finds).

10 lbs, 968 pages, and will probably stop a bullet.


The front and back of the covers: all the families of all the birds.

The 900+ pages are printed on Magno satin paper sourced from managed, sustainable forests. Magno satin offers the highest levels of whiteness, gloss, and opacity for the best print results.

Beautiful, detailed, illustrations of the Phylogenetic trees.

All species known to have become extinct since the year 1500 presented separately in their own appendix.

More than any of us care to admit, sadly…

The layout shows the variety in any given family, allows easy comparison of species, and drills down on the details—all on the same page.

Every one, every where.


RainyDayIntern Eliot was immediately intrigued by this book and has spent many days getting on top of everything it has to offer.

“I’m not done yet.”

A reader can leaf leisurely through its pages while sitting an easy chair, but we found All the Birds of the World even more enjoyable/fascinating when paired with good lighting and a magnifier, because there is a lot of information efficiently packed into each block on every page. 

“Ohhh…so that’s why it’s a Shelley and not a Sheila.” (not actual bird species)

Each block is a concise summary of the species. Of special note is the detailed illustration. Great care has been given to the correct coloring, morphology, and subtle differences.

Tufted titmice! We have them! They are zoomy, twittery, and a complete delight.

Included are:

Yup, these are them.

Maps, IR codes, and taxonomic circles (still figuring that one out).

Looks just like “ours.”


We have looked at many bird-related publications from Lynx Edicions over the years (Handbook, Checklist, etc), and All the Birds of the World differs from them in that this single volume is an attempt to make the avian world accessible to the growing population of birders, both in presentation and price.

“I have captured All the Birds of the World. No, you cannot have any.”

This single, easy-to-use, and fully illustrated volume belongs in the library of everyone interested in the richness and diversity of the world’s avifauna.

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  1. This book is the best one ever love

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