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Fagor LUX multi-cooker : FirstLook

Not your parent's pressure cooker

The RainyDayKitchen folks are no strangers to slow-cooker cooking, but have no experience in making food with a pressure cooker.

When Fagor introduced their new LUX Multi-cooker, the crew thought it was the perfect time to learn more about the pressure method of cooking.


The Fagor LUX multi-cooker offers several cooking capabilities in one unit, all without compromising on features or quality. This trend away from single-purpose devices taking up on the counter is a welcome one and is one of the reasons we were interested in Fagor unit over the traditional pressure cookers.


Fagor LUX 6 qt Multi-Cooker

  • Pressure cooking : high/low options, up to 99 minutes
  • Slow Cooking : high/low options, up to 10 hours
  • Keep warm function : up to 12 hours
  • Time Delay function : up to 6 hours
  • Cook meats, grains, desserts and even yogurt
  • Removable Non-Stick ceramic cooking pot : dishwasher safe, PFOA free
  • User manual/recipe booklet included


The LUX multi-cooker is ready-to-go out of the box.

The 4-digit LED screen and soft-touch controls offers four cooking functions:

  • Pressure Cooking
  • Slow Cooking
  • Rice Cooking
  • Yogurt Making

and four additional cooking-assist functions:

  • Brown
  • Simmer
  • Sauté
  • Steam

It has Keep Warm and Time Delay settings as well.


The LUX is equipped with a self-locking lid, automatic pressure release setting, and two independent pressure control valves.

The icons clearly indicate the unlocked/locked state of the lid. Turning the handle toward the “Locked” icon will lock the lid and and turning it toward the “Unlocked” position unlocks the lid. An “arrow” along with the icons will give a clearer indication, but once you get used to it, it is easy to understand.


The LUX‘s self-locking lid locks with the turn of the handle. The way the lid and the locking mechanism are designed, the lock will not engage if the lid is put on incorrectly. Once the lid is on, it will remain locked while there is pressure inside the unit, and will only open when all pressure has been released.

You can “Quick Release” the steam by turning the knob on the top from “Pressure” to “Steam,” or you can release the steam by just leaving the pot alone for about 15 minutes while it automatically (albeit slowly) releases the steam on its own.


The 6-qt removable tub is ceramic coated, non-stick, and may be put right into the dishwasher. Cleaning up should be a snap.

The Max/Min level markings are on the inside for convenience and are very clear.

Included with the LUX are a user’s manual and a recipe booklet; a downloadable full color, digital recipe book with 75 tested recipes is available on Fagor’s website at no charge.


Our FirstLook impression of the Fagor LUX multi-cooker is:

  • the materials are high quality,
  • the unit feels solidly built,
  • the controls are simple to understand, and
  • the locking/unlocking mechanism of the lid is intuitively designed.

The RainyDayKitchen folks are eager to put the LUX through its paces. Look for the FirstUse of the Fagor LUX multi-cooker by the end of April!


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2 Comments on Fagor LUX multi-cooker : FirstLook

  1. Mark Goldstein // September 17, 2020 at 1:38 pm // Reply

    Q: on Fagor LUX pressure cooker, when sliding lid to LOCK position should the lid be LOCKED in place then OR will it lock during pressure cooking? My cooker is not locking as I slide to LOCK position and concerned as to what’s happening. Safety.

    • Mark – When you slide the cover to the LOCK position, it remains locked for all cooking methods until you slide it back to UNLOCK. You should not be able to lift off the cover when it’s in LOCK position.
      Make sure that you when you place the lid on the unit the the “end” of the handle–the one with the little metal button–is what you set into the UNLOCK location, and turn the lid until it is snuggly fitting into the LOCK position.
      If you look at the set of four images in the article, the image on the bottom right shows what I am describing.
      Good luck! We use the Fagor Multi-Cooker all the time.


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