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The Fig is thinking Spring

No…that six foot plant without any leaves is NOT dead. It is our fig tree Sookie.


The fig tree was a gift from my friend Larry Murray who was up from the Cape for an Aikido seminar last July. The tree came home in the convertible. The drive was quite the sight with the tree flapping around in the passenger seat!

The photo below is what Sookie looked like when the tree first arrived. We named it “Sookie” after the character in Tru Blood because it smelled so nice 🙂FullTree

Sure the plant is a little light on leaves at the moment, but things are a-changin’. A few days ago,  I noticed the fig tree I had completely ignored for two months has started to form both leaves AND figs!!! I had not paid it any mind because I thought it had gone dormant, but it appears that 58º is warm enough for things to start up again.


FigLeafBackLitNewGrowthBigSo if the single digit temperature outside is bringing you down, just know that some plants are already “thinking” Spring.

Update Feb 16: Sookie, our fig tree which decided back in January that it was time to get a jump on Spring, is starting to take over!!! We don’t know what got into her, but we hope we’ll be able to put it outside SOON…


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