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First Real Snow Storm 2012

The dusting on Christmas Eve was wonderful, but it didn’t really count as a snow storm. Last night’s 2-inches of the heavy white stuff, while not significant by New England standards, was enough to qualify it as a storm.

As the forecast is for the temperature to drop into single digits for the next few days, the snow from this storm will likely hang around. We best get the interns out there to get the snow off the car covers, walkways, and birdfeeders before the ice forms.

In anticipation of the cold weather, we had started to put out suets for the birds. With the frigid temperatures coming next week, we will continue to make the high energy food available to help them stay fueled up. However, after seeing how the Starlings feed, we decided to put the suets in the glass feeders. Their smaller openings will make it more difficult for the larger Starlings to monopolize the food.

The Starlings are too numerous for the Blue Jays and Cardinals to fend off on the feeder. We will have to figure something out for them.

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