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Tesla in Dedham

Model S

Back when Tesla Motors was just starting out we visited their showroom in L.A.

They were kind enough to show us around and let us check out the Roadster. The company was just getting going then and it was unclear whether they would go the way of so many car “startups.” We are happy to see that Tesla has managed to not only keep it head above waters, but are actually growing.

Recently we heard that they are building a showroom close to the RainyDay office, so we immediately put a visit on our To-Do list to go check it out. We stopped by in early August and checked the task off our list.


The Tesla showroom is on Route 1 in Dedham. Even though it was after hours, we were passing by and decided to pull in to take a look.

NOTE: Looking at the photo, we realized we had parked in a handicapped spot. There is no excuse for that. We need to look more carefully in the future.TeslaSign

Construction didn’t look completed on August 3rd, but things appeared to be coming along nicely.

The Tesla S sedan is pretty nice looking, but we are not sure if can put up with a car with a fixed roof after the driving a Boxster for 15 years. We might have to wait until their next roadster is released….and at $95K, we will probably have to get a real job if we want one.


Note the Tesla chassis and its lack of a transmission!!! The wheels are directly driven by individual motors. How cool is that??? Without the hump in the middle, the new Tesla S is sure to be pretty roomy both in the front and the back.  While the techies in us will “oh and ah” over the all-electric everything, many buyers shelling out $100K will still want the “Mercedes/Lexus/Jaguar” interior fit and finish. Will be interesting to see and feel the quality of the build and how it compares to other luxury brands.


We will check back on this Tesla showroom later in the Fall and perhaps report on a test drive if we can arrange it.

We will also be checking on Tesla’s new PowerWall when they get closer to shipping.
Electric vehicles and home power systems, they have come a long way and we can’t wait for the day when they are common place!
Update: We stopped in again today and they are open for business! The folks in there are knowledgeable and friendly. If you are in the neighborhood, you should definitely go check it out!

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